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Puscha-Voditsa - one of the most popular holiday destinations, not only for locals citizens, but for guests of the capital too. Deserved prestige of Puscha-Voditsa especially contributed to favorable climatic factors - a mild, warm climate and healthy air of coniferous forests.

Puscha-Voditsa - universal place that will satisfy everyone. On the one hand there are a different public activities, on the other - a nook for those who are tired of the hustle and bustle. It is a quiet place where you can relax from the problems and fully reconnect with nature. Puscha-Voditsa is truly curative value for humans, which is why a large number of those wishing to come here for recovering and healing of many diseases.

Puscha-Voditsa inspired many famous people. At one time there were staying, Peter I, Catherine II, Taras Shevchenko, Nikolai Gogol, Lev Tolstoy, Lesia Ukrainka. A significant role in the development of holiday village Puscha-Voditsa played at the end of the nineteenth century Kiev`s physicians F.G. Yanovsky and G.R. Rubinstein, on whose initiative were built first resorts in Puscha.

Interesting Facts :

  • History of the Puscha-Voditsa, or Puscha as it was called in the past, closely linked to the long history of Kiev - "the mother of Russian cities."
  • This wonderful piece of nature fully justifies it`s poetic name "Puscha Voditsa." It comes from the word "Puscha", ie impenetrable dense forest, as it was in the old days, "Voditsa" - the river, and preserved to our time in the form of spring creek, crossing the forest.
  • There is mention of the Puscha in the annals of 1009-1010 gg., where it comes to the hunt of Prince Vladimir.
  • It is interesting to note that Peter I drew attention to the slender mast forests of Puscha, and in 1721 established here the ship's grove.
  • According to old residents Puscha-Voditsa here often in the years 1903-1904. Come relax Ulyanov`s family: Maria A. - Lenin's mother, sisters Mary and Anne, and brother, Dmitri, who lived then in Kiev.
  • Taras Shevchenko often stopped for rest in the famous cottage "Kin-Sadness".
  • Nicolay Gogol during his stay in Kiev with his friend, a university professor Maksim Maksimovic, also visited the Puscha (1830).
  • In 1893, a vowel City Council Chokolov submitted to the Duma a note on the establishment of a housing estate in the city forest "Puscha Voditsa."
  • The first cottages in Puscha-Voditsa appeared in 1895. Since 1900, when the Belgian company held in Puscha tramline there began feverish construction.
  • With its beautiful forest and the pure fresh air, Puscha-Voditsa gradually became not only a place of rest, but also a climate health resort. In the first years of its existence here were comes, except residents of Kiev, people from Moscow and St. Petersburg for treatment.
  • Start of the spa business in Puscha-Voditsa refers to the 1904 Advanced Kiev doctors appreciated Puscha-Voditsa as a climatic health resort and were well aware of its importance for the treatment of pulmonary patients.
  • The first sanatorium was opened in 1904 on the 7th line in the depths of the forest.
  • Later was built first sanatorium for children in 1914. The initiator of the construction of this resort was Professor G. P. Rubinstein, who headed the institution until 1925
  • Active development of the resort should be attributed to the 1928 when Puscha-Voditsa, among other suburban areas has been recognized as the best resorts in Ukraine.
  • Puscha-Voditsa - the largest urban forest park in Ukraine. 750 hectares is used for recreation and resort and spa treatment.
  • Resort`s territory is crossed by two rivers spring. These rivers, flowing at a great distance from each other and originating in the woods, form on either side suitable for swimming pools with sandy beaches.
  • 14 lines cut across the street. This division into separate areas of the resort creates a kind of natural air ventilation and at the same time contributes to the rapid evaporation of moisture and good insolation areas.
  • Due to the sandy soil moisture from rainfall in the Forest-Vodice insignificant.
  • Thanks to the many forest glades, creating good air ventilation, even at a high temperature in the summer is not felt the heat and lack of air, breathe easily and freely.
  • Available literature data suggest that treatment of air improves the cardiovascular system, strengthens the muscles, nervous system, improves appetite and sleep. Under the influence of air changes the composition of the blood.
  • Inhalation of large amounts of clean, cool air, saturated with oxygen and ozone, which is so rich air of Puscha-Voditsa, particularly healthily.
  • The presence of fine high-water flow-through ponds in Puscha-Voditsa summer allows successfully combine the use of air and sunbathing with a dip.
  • Puscha-Voditsa`s nature is beautiful at any time of the year. Early in the spring, with the first swarms of finches and starlings single, revives the forest. Majestically noise pine forest. The air is particularly fragrant and fresh. It mades person be full of health and vigor.

The main design project of modern european Congress hotel "Puscha" was developed by the Italian company MG International - one of the world's leaders and trendsetters in the field of hotel design and modern commercial real estate architecture.

The hotel's interior is a lot of bright colors, comfortable space, daylight, designer furniture and environmentally friendly materials. The common areas, meeting rooms, restaurant, lounge areas, terraces, and the number of rooms are designed so that the visitor used was as comfortable as in the time of the business activities, and during the holidays.

A special pride of the Congress-hotel "Puscha" - a professional friendly staff, ready at every moment to help guests solve any issues related to the conduct of events, conferences, team buildings and accommodation. To do this, the hotel staff are constantly training and learning, participate in workshops and listen to lectures by leading hospitality experts in Ukraine and Europe.

Choosing Congress hotel "Puscha", you get a guaranteed quality of service, friendly atmosphere, comfortable accommodation and lots of positive emotions.

Yours faithfully,

Team Congress hotel "Puscha"

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